Friday, September 9, 2011

School Begins

Tallulah excited to start her 1st day of preschool
@ Parkcrest Christian Preschool 
Reagan starts Kindergarten today 9/7/11
Newcomb Academy
The same school her daddy and uncles went to.
Paige 1st day 2nd year Preschool
Christ Lutheran Preschool

Nani with Reagan 
Reagan with Mom and Dad
1st day of Kindergarten
Paige looking for her "cubby"
this is her special area to keep her belongings 
Tallulah arrives in style
Daddy drives up in the Newport
Tallulah was so excited to go to school this morning.
she did a month in the summer to get her acquainted with the program and it really paid off.
walking in with mommy
signing Tallulah in
Tallulah wasted no time jumping right into the play-dough
Emmy with daddy 
Ingrid and Natalie
this is Natalie's 2nd year at Parkcrest Christian Preschool
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