Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Ain't no Sunshine" T style

Steve and I received this video from our son Sean while we were on a long weekend in Las Vegas for  Don Henley and Elton John concerts.  I think my 3 year old grand-daughter can give Bill Withers a run for his money.  I was laughing so hard I was crying, and must have watched it over and over at least 5 times..  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...Look out Britney Spears  :) 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fundraiser @ Kenny Loggins' Home

Last weekend Steve and I attended a fundraiser at the home of Kenny Loggins in Santa Barbara California. Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation raises funds needed to carry out their mission of providing financial and other assistance to families with a child diagnosed with cancer.  Teddy Bear works to ensure that children with cancer receive the undivided attention of their parents during the treatment and recovery process through financial aid an other helpful services.  Teddy Bear supports families by paying crucial bills (rent, mortgage, utilities) so a parent can be by their child's bedside.  Additional services include parent support groups, reading to children in the hospital, hotel accommodations, and family fun days - even assistance with funeral costs. 
If anyone is interested in helping in any way check out their website
If you've been living under a rock or just never watch movies or listen to music Kenny Loggins has been around for over the past three decades.  He is an extraordinary singer-songwriter and guitarist.  Some of you may remember him while he was with Jim Messina in 1972-1976.  Kenny has 12 albums that have gone platinum and beyoud.  In the 80's he became famous as the king of the movie theme songs, like "I'm Alright" (from Caddyshack) "Footloose" (from Footloose), "Danger Zone" (from Top Gun), and "Nobody's Fool" (from Caddyshack).
If you don't know Kenny Loggins music I highly recommend you download him onto your Pod and ENJOY!!

Group shot
Bottom: Allison & Steve Johnston, me Shirley, Kathy and Ashley
Top: Leif & Kimmy Hertzog, girlfriend & Kenny Loggins, Steve & Hank Blanco

Kenny Loggins and Steve

Kim and Leif Hertzog with Allison in the backgroud

Backyard at Kenny Loggins' home

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Kenny Loggins, Shirley, Gary, Georga & Steve

"Blue Sky Riders"
Listen to the Video clip it's one of the songs they played for us, Awesome!!

Ashley, Hank & Kathy

Allison Johnston and Leif Hertzog

"Ryder" Kenny's dog and me :)

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend in Santa Ynez Sept 16-18

Hertzog Vineyard
1st Harvest of their vines will be Oct 1st

They plan on making a Granache wine
Hertzog Vineyard

Saturday morning breakfast
"everyones a chef"

Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!
Bloody Mary's..Baker Style

After breakfast we took a long hike down by Lake Cachuma

Christtina, Steve, Shirl, & Kathy

We left this marker for the snails behind us (Baker & Hank)
we didn't want them to get confused at the fork in the road..HaHa

Dinner party at Hanks in Santa Ynez Saturday night
David and Christtina, Leif and Kimmy
Steve and Shirley, Hank and Kathy

Leif and Hank take a ride on Sunday morning

Steve and Shirley
The Hertzog Vineyard

My buddy Kim

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Remembering 9-11

On September 11, 2011 this year Los Alamitos Bay Landing had a huge celebration in honor of the 10 year anniversary of 9-11.
They had festivities that started at 2:30 that afternoon and went well into the night.. It was the 1st time ever to have fireworks in the bay, and they just happen to be directly in front of the Hertzog's home in Naples.
We had a small group get-together and had a really fun night, drinking wine, eating pizza, and giving thanks for those spared and remembering those taken on that never to be forgotten September morning 10 years ago..
I could've lost my closest friend that day. Kim Hertzog sat on the runway in an American Airline jet waiting to take off from Boston's Logan airport when the 2 previous planes that were on the same runway hit the two World Trade Center buildings.   I had just left her on the 8th to come back to LB. Kim and I took Dieter, (Kim & Leif's oldest son) back to Harvard University to get him oriented and settled into his dorm.  She had tried to get on an earlier flight and thank God she wasn't able to. 
Where were you that morning? It's a day we shall never forget!!

Aaron captures the moon

Full moon at Aaron's finger tips

Fire Department set off the awesome fireworks from this barge

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Bring it on!!

Reagan started off her 2011 Soccer season a totally different kid. This is her 2nd year playing and Daddy is Assisting in the Coaching department.  Reagan has become a real scoring machine this year..she seems to just "get it" once she scored the 1st couple of goals it was "Wow this is not so bad"!! I think she scored 6 goals that 1st game, but Reagan would tell you "7" but who's counting..
No score is kept.. The girl's still run around like a herd of turtles hoping that someone might know what to do with the ball if happens upon them.  They are only 5 years old, but Grandpa thinks they could learn "positions".  We'll see, the kids are totally fun to watch and I look forward to each and every moment.  But then I am the proudest Nani in the world! (my world)

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Let the Season Begin "Soccer"

Reagan focus's on the task at hand

Go!! Reagan!!

She SCORES!!!!!!!

"I did it Charlotte"

Thanks for the help girls

Daddy I did it!!!!!!

The 2011 Purple Mermaids

Uncle Sean, Tallulah, Aunt Molly and Emmy

Charlotte, Reagan and Bailey

Who's the guy in the back trying to get into the picture, Could it be.....Grandpa

One purple shirt, many Smurf's
Go!!! Reagan

Their are two "Reagan's" on the team... Our girl is #10

Little Miss Paige

Tallulah and Paige show Reagan how they play

Emmy K

Future Soccer players, Tallulah, Paige and Emmy
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