Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Britney Spears 04/19/09

Months ago the unanimous decision was made to go the "Britney Spears" concert so we took a census and Sarah organized our GNO (girls-nite-out) to "BS" (Britney Spears).. What a beautiful group of girls if I say so myself. We had eleven in the "Hummer" limo on the way to the concert and only lost one (Krista) on the way home, she met up with friends when we arrived and we didn't see her again all night. "Hope you had fun KiKi".

The Pussy Cat Dolls opened for Britney and I really enjoyed them too. The dancing is always of great interest to me and these girls know how to move and shake it!

Krista, Monica, Wendy, Allison, Sarah, Kimmy, Brenda, Mandy, Molly, Me and Laura

Getting dropped off at the concert

Close to "The End"

Our row... almost to the ceiling but we didn't mind Krista was with her friends in another section and Allison and Wendy were just two rows in front of us. So the eight of us are right here.

I thought Kimmy was going to make it through the concert this time...Oh Well!!

How does anyone fall asleep while Britney is singing "Toxic"
Don't loose your cell phone, Kim!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Fun Over-niter

Friday morning April 17th ..

Aaron and Sarah went on an overnighter to Santa Ynez so Grandpa and I got the girls. Starting on Friday morning I picked up the girls and off to Irvine we went...Paige had a 1yr check up and their was no need for Sarah to re-schedule so I headed down the 405 fwy with the little ones in the back of my SUV watching a Dora movie.

Friday continued

After the Dr. appointment, which by the way went very well.. Paige is in the 80 & 90th percentile in weight and height, the Dr. even predicted she'll be around 5'7" can you believe it..our little Paige that tall, cool!!
Then for a special treat we went back to the LB, drove through McDonald's (Reagan's request) and off to a nearby park to eat and play. We watched big airplanes coming in to land at the L.B. airport, this park just happens to be in the flight path. Reagan wanted to push Paige in the swing so I had the video ready and shot this very cute short clip. Paige was having the time of her life. Both girls were laughing so hard. Watch and enjoy!!

More park pic's

The girls really had a good time today. Reag's was a huge help, and was super sweet to Paige all day.

Thanks girls for a great overnighter!! you're Nanie Loves You very much!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome **Charlotte Rose Witt**

Wow!! What an awesome Easter weekend this turned out to be... my oldest nephew Kevin and Sarah had their very 1st baby yesterday April 11, 2009. She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and is 19 1/2 inches long. She is adorable!! Good job kids!

Charlotte Rose Witt

Great Uncle Steve and "Greatest" Aunt Shirley

Grandma Beth & Grandpa Ken Witt

Congrats!!!! Rhea & Jerry

Rhea and Jerry I have been told have just tied the knot in a Private ceremony in Las Vegas on April 11th. Congratulations! Steve and I really think Jerry is a wonderful man and we couldn't be happier. Our best to the both of you..

Happy Birthday Paige

Paige Wallace Ireland ***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY*****

The Big "1" year old

Getting a little help from big sister..Reagan

Reagan is now classified as a "Advanced Primary Grade 4 SUPERSEAL"

Swim Lessons April 2nd

This is Caroline, Reagan's swim instructor. Reagan really responds well to everything Caroline wants her to do.. Watch the video! Reagan now swims the whole distance from one end of the pool to the other without any assistance.. I am so proud of her.

Girls Playdate

Aaron stopped by with Reagan and Paige so we had a little girl time while we picked up around the house after Marcus's Birthday party last night. The girls are at such cute ages. Tallulah now in her 6th month..

Paige almost the big 1 year old.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter weekend

Reagan coloring Easter eggs. She's very careful and all of her eggs came out beautiful.. we colored them and then decorated them with special 'Princess' stickers.. My little 'Paige-O-licious

The Sexiest Easter Bunny Ever

can anyone guess who it is?

Easter Sunday

Sean, Tallulah and Molly