Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Visit from a Friend... Robbie

On March 11th my very special friend Robbie (Perry) Eubanks came out for a visit. She lives in North Carolina and has for several years, her son Brett played Ice Hockey with Marcus many moons ago. Brett is starting a new business and Rob came to help him get all squared away in his new venture as well as getting him settled into a very cute little house in Long Beach. We don't see each other very often but when we get together it's as if we were never far apart.

She hadn't seen our home since before the remodel so she came over. We just kept popping in and out of topics never really finishing any (it seemed) because one subject would lead into something else and on and on and on.... Some things never change.

I invited Molly over to have lunch with us, Robbie had never met her or Tallulah. Sean and Brett are close friends and they stay in touch but Robbie living out of state just never got the chance to meet them. So finally Rob, Mol and T-money got aquanted.

Marcus stopped by so I could'nt resist taking their picture.. T loves her Uncle Marcus.

I think Tallulah is saying "When I grow up I want spikes just like my Uncle Marcus" or not...
After lunch and much conversation and reminissing I took Robbie over to Aaron and Sarah's so Rob could meet Reagan and Paige. My grand-daughters are such an important part of my life and I was so happy to share that joy with my friend.

It was a perfect day.. I only wish we could have had another day to get caught up. Time sure does fly when you're having fun!!!

Until next time..Rob, you'll just have to check into the Blog to keep caught up. I Love you, & can't wait for the next visit.

More March Birthdays...

Rhea, aka: Liz, my niece also had a Birthday March 7th her 30th. Molly, Sarah and I thought we'd throw her a little birthday party here at our home and invite family and her closest friends, I don't have a lot of great pictures I was busy playing hostess put here are just a few. I love you, Rhea!!

Happy Birthday Leif and Kurt... March 4th

Leif and Kurt (father and son) share the same birthday.. Happy Birthday to you both.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

****Happy Birthday Kurt****

Kurt Hertzog has been a part of our company "Core-Rosion Products" for several months now, he is such an awesome young man (24 years young to be exact). I've known "Kurty" (as I know him) since 1989/90 when his older brother Dieter played T-ball with my baby Marcus. I consider Kurty just another one of my boys. I've watched him play baseball, soccer, roller and ice hockey, ski, snowboard, and beer pong (which might be his best sport, ha ha). I don't think I even need to mention how well rounded this kid is... here are a couple pictures, they say "a picture says a thousand words".. Is he "cute" or what. Happy Birthday Kurt, I love you like my own....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday March 3rd Swim lessons again

Sarah shot this picture before the girls had their lessons, I'm sure you could tell because Paige is still smiling and happy.

Swim Video

Caroline as she gives Reagan instruction to keep her belly up.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 28th Reagan's 3rd Birthday Party

Sarah and I have so many similar pictures, so I have tried to share a few that I have from my camera.. But anyone reading my blog should check out Sarah's Blog also for more party action & festivities...

The Magic Bag**

Princess Reagan reaches into the *Magic Bag* for a special treat from Snow White..

Storytime with Snow White

All the little Princess's were mesmerized by the Story of Princess Reagan.

Birthday Present from Mommy and Daddy

Reagan received this adourable new bicycle for her birthday. We will have fun on the bike trails in the park, she will ride her bike while we walk Syra.

Reagan's Cake

I had this cake made for my special 3 year old.. It has a real picture of Reagan with Snow White at Disneyland. Sarah and I spent a fun day their and we always wait to see the Princess's.. Rossmoor Pastries just scans the photo and makes this totally edible copy of the picture on her cake. I think it turned out spectacular!! I think Reagan liked it also..

Before Swim Lessons

Back to Swim Lessons

On last Tuesday the 24th of Feb. we started up "Swim Lessons" again with Reagan and Paige. Reagan took to the water like she'd never left, but Paige wasn't so happy. Check out the video. Afterwards they both passed out from exhaustion, it was apparently hard work today.

All done!

Swim Lessons 02/24/09

Reagan is listening very closing to what Caroline has to say...

Fast asleep from exhaustion!!

1st Bath together

On Feb 11th the 3 girls had their 1st bathtime together.. they had a blast.


Couldn't resist... T looked soooo cute in the middle of all the pillows on our bed.

Valentine weekend..

We took off on Friday the 13th for Santa Ynez to enjoy a birthday/Valentine weekend of wine tasting and Chocolate... on Saturday we took a hike in the mountains somewhere above Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, their was snow on the ground so Tallulah got her 1st look and feel of the cold white fluffy stuff..

Happy Birthday Sean

We celebrated Sean's 28th Birthday with a little dinner party at our house on Feb 12th. Then it was off the Santa Ynez for a fun Valentine/Birthday weekend with Kimmy and Leif.