Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tallulah is going to be a "Big Sister"

What a great day!!!!
Molly's parents, Tom and Linda came into town on Dec 20th for their Christmas with Sean, Molly & Tula and we met them for lunch.... Then the news.... Baby #2 is on it's way!! We were all so excited. Molly's due date is July 28th 2010. Steve and I are so happy for them. Talluah is going to be a wonderful big sister.

Our Christmas with Sean, Molly & T was about a week after Christmas because of the flu that ran through our entire family... on Christmas Eve Beth was sick and couldn't make it, but we had 34 people that evening over for our usual Christmas Eve dinner and family the next day, (Christmas Day) Molly was sick, the next day Sean and I were sick the next day Steve and Marcus got it.. family members were down sick all around us. It was a 24 hour flu and not the "Swine".. Thank God so these are pictures of our Christmas with "T"

Grandpa, me & "T"
Grandpa gets a kiss from "T"
Molly & T (and baby to B)
Soon to be family of four!!!!!