Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day at the Park

Last weekend Steve and I had the girls Friday to Sunday .... Aaron took Sarah up to San Francisco for some fun get-away time.

I took the girls to the park on Friday and Saturday, we played for a good 2 hours....they had soooo much fun! and so did I, they were great all weekend. Grandpa and I totally enjoy our little girls.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Visit From a Friend...Robbie Perry Eubanks

Now here's a "Blast from my Past" I believe the year was 1997, Aaron was a Senior in high school. I was in an organization called "Rick Rackers", its a women's philantrophic organization I was involved in for about 5 years. One of my favorite events was "The Winter Wonderland Ball" I would always invite my closest friends we would get all dressed up and spend the evening dancing, drinking and just being the playful girls we were..
Only 12+ years between these pictures. Kim and I met Robbie when our sons' played Ice Hockey together. In those days Ice hockey games involved a lot of traveling, rinks were not close together, so the three of us spent a lot of time together.
Here we are*** Kim Hertzog***Me***Robbie Perry Eubanks1997Me, Robbie & Kimmy 2009

Steve stopped by the "Coffee Bean" to say hello to two of his favorite ladies...
Back in the day... Steve and Robbie were told they looked like brother and sister
(but that was before "grey hair")

Georgie & her pooch Harvey walked over to say Hi!!
Just doin the "Mess around"
Robbie and Harvey the Labrador

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holloween 2009

We spent the afternoon at Aaron & Sarah's for a fun filled gathering...The kids had games of "pumpkin bowling" and "ball tossing" for goldfish, while the adults feasted on Aaron's "Gold Medal" Chili and cornbread. Later that evening we grabbed our wine and walked the streets with the little trick-or-treaters... What a great day!!
Thanks for Hosting Aaron & Sarah... Everyone had a blast!!Family Picture (missing Marcus)
Sean, Molly & Tallulah, Steve & Vonda, Aaron, Sarah, Paige, Me and Reagan
A very Beautiful "Belle" Reagan with her very "Handsome Grandpa" Steve

All the Princess's were in attendance!!

Reagan "Belle" and Bailey "Pocahontas"

Raif Durnin picking out his juice box

Watch out Paige, Lulu and Mady are ready to pounce on that delicious Corn-bread muffin

Bailey taking Reag's and Maise for a ride in the wagon

Aaron, Reagan, Sarah & Paige

Art, Andrea, Taylor and Sydney
aka: Woody, Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland and Buz

Tallulah always on the run!!
Time for Talllah's wagon ride
Weeeeeeeeee more fun buggy rides with Nani
Sean, Molly & Tallulah Bee
Aaron & Art
Reagan & Couca getting a ride to the next house...
trick or treating can be very trying!!
"Nemo" Paige has a very sticky face!!
This little "Fish out of water" was fast!! she got the hang of this "trick-or-treat" thing after the 1st house, then there was no slowing her down!!

Uncle Marcus with Reagan & Paige
"Let's go Everybody"

This Way!!
"Trick or Treat"
Someone's getting tired!

"The End"

Birthday Celebration for Raif Durnin

Brenda & Colby Durnin had a Birthday celebration with a twist..... it was a dress-up costume/1st birthday party for their little boy Raif. What a fun night. Steve was cousin Eddie from my favorite holiday movie "Christmas Vacation" and I was....? you guessed it a Witch. Everyone had outstanding costumes, really put some thought into it. I didn't get pictures of everyone at the party, but you can see it was a really fun night.

Thanks Brenda and Colby for Hosting!!
Sarah with Paige, Me with Tallulah
Molly, Carmen and Brenda

Kate & Reagan

Kate Riley Jacobs

Daddy Sean & Little T-bee

Me here with my "Mentor Pat Witt"
I told her she should be in the "energizer bunny" costume!
Happy Birthday Pat!!!
94 Years Young!

Sean, Tallulah & Molly

Harold & Karen Witt

Steve..aka cousin Eddie

Colby, Birthday Boy Raif & mommy Brenda

Daddy Keith with Lucas (cutiest little pup)
Daddy Sean with (sweetest bee-T)
Look at all the cousins....
Keith & Sean with their babies Lucas & Tallulah

My daughter-in-laws and my grandaughters
Sarah with Paige and Molly with Tallulah

Reagan was off playing somewhere

Just adding a Witch to the mix

Harold Witt (Gangsta) & Steve (cousin Eddie)