Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bring it on!!

Reagan started off her 2011 Soccer season a totally different kid. This is her 2nd year playing and Daddy is Assisting in the Coaching department.  Reagan has become a real scoring machine this year..she seems to just "get it" once she scored the 1st couple of goals it was "Wow this is not so bad"!! I think she scored 6 goals that 1st game, but Reagan would tell you "7" but who's counting..
No score is kept.. The girl's still run around like a herd of turtles hoping that someone might know what to do with the ball if happens upon them.  They are only 5 years old, but Grandpa thinks they could learn "positions".  We'll see, the kids are totally fun to watch and I look forward to each and every moment.  But then I am the proudest Nani in the world! (my world)

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