Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Vonda turned 77 on Christmas Eve.. Happy Birthday

All the boy's grew facial hair for Christmas...Don't they look special I hope the mustache was temporary they really look kinda stupid.

Reagan gives Tallulah a very tender kiss. She loves her baby cuz..

Here in Pop Pop's arms Paige is a very happy little girl on Christmas Eve.

Molly and Sarah were "Beautiful" this evening and such a terrific "Huge" help with everything. Thank you girls.....

Mustache for the Holidays... Aaron, Marcus, Sean, Steve, Rick, (in front) Kevin and Keith

Christmas Eve 2008

The Family (missing all my girls)

Susie & Dave Cervantes and Jerry & Rhea...Cheers...

Only an "Ireland" can get away with making a "Clover" sugar cookie at Christmas time.. "Looks good Reags"

Tallulah here with her cousin Carmen

I got the best gift ever... Pictures of all three of my grand-babies. A big "Thank you" to my kids I love them.

Metro Pt. in the OC 12/20/08

Steve and I have a childhood friend "Stevie Donn Rodriguez" who has been singing professionally since right out of high school. His band now called "Heart and Soul" play all over So. California. Steve and I went down to "Metro Pt." in the south coast plaza area and listened to him sing and play with his son "Dennis"who is on the Sax and on keyboard Jimmy Seville. It was a gorgeous winter night, cold and crisp. We sat drinking "Irish Coffee" and talked with old and some young (KiKi) friends. It was a really fun evening.. Steve sang Christmas songs as well as several new songs he's been working on. Hope you enjoy this one, it's one of my favorites..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

Steve and I want to wish all of our friends and family a very Blessed Christmas..

It has been a Wonderful and very "Full" 2008. Steve and I were given two more beautiful grand daughters, Paige Wallace from Aaron & Sarah and Tallulah Day Ireland from Sean and Molly. Steve and I are so blessed to have all three of our boys living close by so we can watch our grandbabies blossom into beautiful little girls. I have the best time behaving like a big kid again while playing with the girls.

Our Family 2008
Molly, Sean and Tallulah
Marcus, Aaron & Sarah
Reagan, Me, Steve & Paige
**All that truly matters in the end is that you loved****

Pictures with Santa... Sort of..

This last week Molly, Sarah and I took my grand babies

to Cerritos Mall for a "Fun" picture with Santa. Tula was awesome, Paige was "so so" tolerant and Reagan would have nothing to do with the big Jolly old man. So, after a couple of Santa pics we sat the girls outside Santa's Studio and shot (or tried to) our own pictures of the (might I ad, the cutest girls in the world).

GG these dresses you bought the girls are soooooooo beautiful and they looked super adorable in them.

Naples Walk

Every Christmas one of the things we love to do as a family is to take a walk along the Naples Island boardwalk and check out all the magnificent homes all decorated with Holiday Lights.
Our best friends live on the water so we enjoy the beauty of Southern Cali at its finest...Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall..

Sean with Tallulah in the front pack, Kimmy, me and Molly.

Reagan and her BFF "Best Friend Forvever" Bailey (boots).. Bailey is Brenda and Colby Durnin's little girl.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Steve and I went over to Aaron and Sarah's home for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day dinner. Aaron had the flu and ended up in bed for 5 days. Grandma Vonda joined us, it was her 1st time seeing Aaron and Sarah's new home.