Sunday, July 4, 2010

Emmy Karma Ireland 07/02/10

WOW!! July started off with a bang!! Molly started having contractions on July 1st in the afternoon, she said she slept through the night no problem. The next day she had a play date with girlfriend's down in Newport beach, the contractions never stopped, then she started bleeding.. called her doctor and was told to go into the hospital and get checked out, perhaps an injection to stop the contractions since the scheduled c-section was for July 30ish, so off to Memorial hospital she and Sean go..after the 1st try to stop the contractions didn't work, in fact Molly said they proceeded and got stronger, so they tried again and again it was decided this little girl was coming today!! I was giving Tallulah and Paige a bath when Steve came into the bathroom and gave me the news.. Molly wanted me..I'm on my way. Molly was in good spirits considering she's delivering a month early but we were all excited and anticipating the best. Just after 7:30pm they escorted Sean to the delivery operating room and told us to go to the nursery, the baby would be out in about 20minutes, so myself with Chris and Lea (friends of Sean & Molly)waited by the nursery for the baby to come out with Sean.
And out they came, Sean a big smile on his face, Emmy Karma Ireland was here.. Molly went to recovery and we found out Emmy weighed in at 5 lbs 15 oz and is 19" long..great weight for a month early.
After about 1/2 hour they decide to move her the NI CU because she isn't taking in enough oxygen.
So now we wait.. as of yesterday she was already doing much better, she's working at getting fluid out of her lungs and they've moved the amount of oxygen from 100% to 60%.
Molly was de-wired last night and got a shower, she looks amazing!! not sure when she'll come home, I know she doesn't want to come home empty handed.. well wait and see.
Steve and I are so excited to be grandparents for the 4th time now and couldn't be more proud!


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