Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today Emmy meets Reagan & Paige 07/13/10

Today I had Reagan, Paige and Tallulah for a little while. Molly had to take Emmy into see the Pediatrician. When they got back Reagan got to hold Emmy and Paige sat next to her in awh... Emmy had gained 4oz just overnight, Molly said the hospital had her on a schedule of 2/5/8 & 11 o'clock feedings so Molly has been pumping on that same schedule therefore making the transition at home very easy to say the least!! Molly is such a sweet and very loving mother. She said Emmy didn't cry all night, just makes little noises when she starts to wake or is ready for a feeding.. I am so glad she is home... She is such a peaceful baby. Tallulah was gentle (with help) when introduced to her baby sister and I think she is going to adjust just fine.

Grandpa showed up for lunch and received some warm hugs and loves from his grand-daughters. He also held Emmy for the 1st time since coming home from the hospital.

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