Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Emmy Karma (07/07/10)

I met Molly at the hospital today, Emmy has been in the "Not so critical" area of the NICU since the night Molly was discharged. Emmy is doing so much better, she has been off the oxygen for a couple of days and they gave her for the 1st time a bottle of breast milk this morning...Molly and Sean spent the morning at the hospital and I took care of Tallulah, then I handed off Tula to Sean and went to the hospital to see and hold Emmy and help Molly in anyway that I could..Molly got to breast feed Emmy for the 1st time at approximately 3pm this afternoon.. Emmy took to her breast immediately, it was so natural at instinctive.. God willing they will remove all the wires and set Emmy free to just be the perfect, capable baby girl that she is. Her bellirubin count for (jaundice) is in a low range of the scale and that is a non-issue now. Emmy has lost a little weight, but is a strong eater and I have full faith she will be coming home in a couple of days..

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