Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Visit From a Friend...Robbie Perry Eubanks

Now here's a "Blast from my Past" I believe the year was 1997, Aaron was a Senior in high school. I was in an organization called "Rick Rackers", its a women's philantrophic organization I was involved in for about 5 years. One of my favorite events was "The Winter Wonderland Ball" I would always invite my closest friends we would get all dressed up and spend the evening dancing, drinking and just being the playful girls we were..
Only 12+ years between these pictures. Kim and I met Robbie when our sons' played Ice Hockey together. In those days Ice hockey games involved a lot of traveling, rinks were not close together, so the three of us spent a lot of time together.
Here we are*** Kim Hertzog***Me***Robbie Perry Eubanks1997Me, Robbie & Kimmy 2009

Steve stopped by the "Coffee Bean" to say hello to two of his favorite ladies...
Back in the day... Steve and Robbie were told they looked like brother and sister
(but that was before "grey hair")

Georgie & her pooch Harvey walked over to say Hi!!
Just doin the "Mess around"
Robbie and Harvey the Labrador

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