Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holloween 2009

We spent the afternoon at Aaron & Sarah's for a fun filled gathering...The kids had games of "pumpkin bowling" and "ball tossing" for goldfish, while the adults feasted on Aaron's "Gold Medal" Chili and cornbread. Later that evening we grabbed our wine and walked the streets with the little trick-or-treaters... What a great day!!
Thanks for Hosting Aaron & Sarah... Everyone had a blast!!Family Picture (missing Marcus)
Sean, Molly & Tallulah, Steve & Vonda, Aaron, Sarah, Paige, Me and Reagan
A very Beautiful "Belle" Reagan with her very "Handsome Grandpa" Steve

All the Princess's were in attendance!!

Reagan "Belle" and Bailey "Pocahontas"

Raif Durnin picking out his juice box

Watch out Paige, Lulu and Mady are ready to pounce on that delicious Corn-bread muffin

Bailey taking Reag's and Maise for a ride in the wagon

Aaron, Reagan, Sarah & Paige

Art, Andrea, Taylor and Sydney
aka: Woody, Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland and Buz

Tallulah always on the run!!
Time for Talllah's wagon ride
Weeeeeeeeee more fun buggy rides with Nani
Sean, Molly & Tallulah Bee
Aaron & Art
Reagan & Couca getting a ride to the next house...
trick or treating can be very trying!!
"Nemo" Paige has a very sticky face!!
This little "Fish out of water" was fast!! she got the hang of this "trick-or-treat" thing after the 1st house, then there was no slowing her down!!

Uncle Marcus with Reagan & Paige
"Let's go Everybody"

This Way!!
"Trick or Treat"
Someone's getting tired!

"The End"

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