Sunday, August 9, 2009

Las Vegas *** Happy Birthday to Me

Steve took me to Las Vegas for my Birthday.. I had such a wonderful time. Two days and nights filled with (whatever we wanted). We relaxed by the beautiful garden pools at "The Venetian" sipping on cocktails while strolling down memory lane. We had fabulous dinners, and to top it off Steve took me to see "Phantom". Vegas always goes "OVER THE TOP" with all their shows and this was no exception. The stage settings, costumes, and OH my Gosh!! the talent or "Cast" as some would say was SPECTACULAR!! Never before have I ever heard Soprano sung from the 4th row center of a theater.. WOW! It gave me chills.
Thank You honey for a totally Wonderful Birthday.... I love you!!


Sarah said...

Oh it sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad you had so much fun and Happy Birthday!!

Nani Shirl said...

just saw your comment. Thank you Sarah! I love your blog! It is really nice to keep up on all that's going on in the Witt household, and see Charlotte on a reagular basis. Thanks for updates.