Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary Aug 1976 - 2009

Steve and I go to "Humphrey's on the Bay" at least once a year.. usually around my birthday and our anniversary since they're just a week apart.

This year was special.. we were celebrating our 33rd Wedding Anniversary..

We took off Thursday mid afternoon in the "Aston Martin" (Steve's new toy) and drove (top down) to San Diego. We laid by the pool sipping on cocktails basking in the August sunshine and just chilled before we went and cleaned up for dinner and our concert.

Humphrey's offers great concert packages.. we stay in a very large suite, enjoy a wonderful dinner and get front row seats to the concert.. This is how close we are.. 15ft from Jackson and it is the only way to see a concert!!!

Thank you honey I thoroughly enjoyed myself..

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