Sunday, January 4, 2009

My baby turns "30"

Happy Birthday Aaron!!!!
Brenda, Amanda, Aaron and Molly

30 years ago on January 3rd, Steve and I brought this adorable baby boy into our would (with a little help from God). It's so surreal thinking back to when Steve and I were in high school "Wilson High" standing in front of the drivers training bungalow talking about when we would be married and the (2) boy's that we would someday have, we picked out their names and talked about what sports they'd play and how much fun it would be having this perfect little family.... Well we did get married, and we did have (2) and whoops a 3rd BOY!!! But Aaron was our 1st and we cut our teeth on him.. He at 9 asked his dad and I if we were still thinking about adopting a girl, and if we were could she be "Older" then him because he didn't want to be the 1st born anymore! Does that sound like we might have been putting to much pressure on him, ya think! Well Aaron has always put pressure on himself.. he is the typical text book 1st born, He never procrastinates is very meticulous, (some would say a "Clean Freak") very conscientious and organized, something he got from his Grampa Day. Aaron has 2 beautiful daughters of his own now and is very overprotective of his girls, he's a terrific father and a wonderful husband to Sarah. I am a very lucky and blessed Mother... Aaron I love you very much and I couldn't be more proud of the man you've become.

Rachel and Sean Reeves with John and Shanna Jacobs

Aaron, AJ and Amanda

Party time!!

Amanda, Sarah and Aaron

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