Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Georgie Flint

Steve and I along with our friends Bruce and Georgie (the birthday girl) boarded our Jetblue flight at 1pm Friday the 16th en route to Las Vegas baby!! We surprised Georgie with the 2 bedroom Penthouse suite, perfect for the 4 of us to relax and just enjoy each other before taking in the Beatles "Love" show on Friday night, only after the most wonderful dinner EVER!!! Steve and I agreed this was by far the best! The place "Kokomo's" a steak house in the Mirage hotel, which is where we stayed and where the Beatles show plays, it was all very convenient.
We arrived at the hotel checked in to our suite and while Georgie and I beautified Steve made us cocktails before going down to our 5pm dinner reservation. We started out, you guessed it, with another cocktail and enjoyed an appetizer plate of lobster and crab claws, jumbo fresh shrimp and oysters on the 1/2 shell, Wow!! unbelievable. Bruce picked out the perfect bottle of wine to accompany our steaks for dinner. We had such a great time. Then off to the 7pm show. Steve and I had already seen "Love" but Georgie and Bruce hadn't and it is one of the top shows in Vegas right now, we were happy to see it again.

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