Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Look out Dance World......

Paige had the big "Dress Rehearsal" for her "Center Stage" dance studio this last Saturday at the Carpenter Center.  Paige is '3'.  Lip ink, eye shadow and shiny black tap shoes and she's styling.  This is "Big Time".  the detail in the costumes for these little ones, OMG!! 
This was just the dress rehearsal and the second run through.  The real show is this weekend, so you're getting a sneak peek.
Mommy Sarah and her little dancer Paige
Big sister Reagan is their for moral support.  (look for Reagan's Dance later next week with her "Webby" group).

Paige Wallace Ireland
The little ones standing all alone in front of the Carpenter Center in Long Beach

Is this "Rear View" to die for.......

Waiting patiently with her group for her turn on stage

Let's getter dunn....  5,6,7,8...Posted by Picasa

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