Monday, September 20, 2010

Tallulah's Birthday Party

Tallulah's turning 2 on September 21st and this past weekend Sean and Molly had a Birthday Party for her. Unfortunately Uncle Aaron and Aunt Sarah didn't make it because Reagan and Paige were sick.  Tallulah I'm sure missed them.  Lucas, who she calls "Buddy" along with Mick and her cousins Olivia and Alexandra played together, jumping in the trampoline or splashing in the 2 pools Sean had put next to each other.  Lucas & Tallulah just jumped back and forth from pool to pool having the best time.  Sean and Molly had such a delicious spread of "Smoked Pork shoulder" homemade coleslaw and beans, and T's favorite baked Mac-n-chez.. then the finale of the evening "Chocolate, Chocolate cake" YUM!!!!!
I hope you enjoy the slide show...

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

New family picture of Sean, Molly, Tallulah and Emmy Sept. 6th

I finally figured out how to make Tallulah laugh
this is such a wonderful picture, next time Emmy will be awake (I hope)

Reagan & Paige 1st day of school Sept 7 2010

Sarah getting Paige's shoes on after school
Sarah and I picked up the girls from their 1st day at pre-school
It is Reagan's 2nd yr in pre-school and Paige's 1st year

Robbie & Ted meet Emmy K

Emmy is smiling for Robbie
Robbie meets Emmy
Tallulah not quite ready for her picture to be taken

Armourdale Labor Day block party

Tullulah loves jumping in the bounce house

Armourdale Labor Day Block Party Sept 5th 2010

Our street has been having a block party for many years now and every year tops the last... This year we had a "Cowboy" Western roundup theme and everyone dressed in hats, boots, bandana's and any western attire they could come up with.  We had  mechanical bull riding, panning for gold, a bounce house, and a huge water slide. Lunch was served to all the childern (hotdogs, chips and drinks) after lunch festivities included a balloon tossing competition, dog parade, line dancing and a talent show followed by dinner and dancing in the streets to our very own "Elm Street Band" from 5:00 to 8:30.  It was such a fun day, Sean & Molly came by for awhile but had an engagement party to attend so Steve and I kept Emmy and Tallulah. Tallulah had a blast she enjoyed herself watch her dance to "California girls" with grandpa and then alone.  Sarah and Aaron with there girls had a block party of there own so we didn't see Reagan or Paige this day.  Boo Hoo they would have loved it..

Block party Sept 5th

Tallulah paning for gold
Mechanical bull in the background for the brave ones with strong backs and necks
view looking north
Bruce & Georgie joins for the fun
Georgie held Emmy the whole night and wouldn't let anyone else have her.
Block party fun...
T eating ice cream me having wine
Life is good!

Sea World with GG

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family time with GG

Marcus & GG
GG's last night in Long Beach
We had a big BBQ
Reagan wasn't having anymore pictures taken...she hit the wall!!
Aaron, GG, Sarah looking good
Paige also on the verge of tears.  Oh well they can't always be perfect, this is real life!
Tallulah Sean, GG, Emmy and Molly
Emmy looks like she might start crying but she never cries she is a very mellow baby!!
GG and Steve
Sean goofing around

GG comes for a visit

Family time..
Family Photo
GG came for a visit and to meet baby Emmy.  This was our last evening together,
she had a great time with her 4 great grandaughters

Mt Baldy 1974

Most of you know that Steve and I have been together since summer between 8th and 9th grade, so just celebrating our wedding anniversary seems somewhat "not the whole picture" if you know what I mean..
Steve and I hiked Mt Baldy, here in this picture we are 18, and me 17, I know most of you don't see any change in us...(hahaha)   I just love to wander back down memory lane this time of year. 

Happy 34th August 13th 1976-2010

Cheers!!!!  34 year anniversary
Thank you Jan & Jerry Maize for sending us Chocolate covered strawberries
and Champagne..
what a wonderful surprise

August 7th 2010

Another Birthday has come and gone but my little sweeties all four girls keep me feeling young!!  Who am I kidding, they just help mask the pain!!!!  I have a blast with all of them.

August 1, 2010

Core-Rosion Products New Home
3300 E. 19th Street
Signal Hill, CA  90755

Steve and I bought our 1st piece of commercial property and moved in in August.  Wow!!! we our so thrilled to be able to have our own building.  Steve started two other business's recently, 1. BrineMaker, Inc. and 2. CRP Tank Specialties, Inc.  so we had really grown out of our little office across the street.  I wish I had video of Sean, Kurt and Aaron moving our entire warehouse and office by way of forklift crossing the street, it was really a site.. with sometimes things slipping off and crashing into the street (thank God those were the items we didn't plan on keeping).. It has been a total "office family" experience!!  even Angela and Barry stayed over in Long Beach the weekend we really "busted a move"  Thank you to everyone involved!!!  I will have "Before" and "After" pictures up on my Blog soon!

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