Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"June" where did you go?

I can't keep up with the fast pass of time anymore, I thought when you got a little older things would slow a bit. Not even true for a minuite. Here we are half way through 2010 and I feel as if my life is flying by, sometimes out of control. My mother (Vernetta) just turned 76 on the 28th and I'm so proud of her, she takes wonderful care of herself so shes very healthy and looks awesome. I'm only saddened by the fact that she lives up in Oregon an I'm down here. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!!! you are a spiritual force and I know God leads you everyday because you allow him too. You have always put Christ 1st in your life and you are solid in your faith for that I evny you. You have been blessed with 3 grandsons who have produced (almost) 4 great grand-daughters for you... I wish you could see them as I do, growing, talking, laughing, loving, snuggling, singing, pretending, it's all such a wonderful experence for me as their Nani, what specisl gifts of God they are!!!! I hope you enjoy the "Smilebox" of our recent vacation and we all wish you a very special Happy Birthday!!!

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