Monday, June 22, 2009

My Dad!! My Hero!!!

My Daddy "James Thomas Day" was the most wonderful Father!! He was a very hard working man, devoted to his family and always put us 1st. A daughters love for her father is an awesome love. My dad was definitely the kind of man I hoped I would marry some day!

James Thomas Day
1929 - 2001

You are forever in my thoughts. I know you are their helping me make the right decisions I only wish you were here to see what wonderful accomplishments your grandsons have made... but I know you are our guardian angel

I miss you so much, thanks for being my Dad my "Hero"

Happy Fathers Day

Steve here with all his son....Sean (28), Aaron (30) and baby Marcus (26)

(Steve 50 something)

Aaron with his family...Sarah, Reagan & Paige
Sean and his Family Molly & Tallulah

We had a such a wonderful "Fathers Day" ...

Steve and I had all our boy's, their wives, Great grandma Vonda and the grand-children over for an awesome BBQ!!

The little girls played in their "very cool" blow up pool while the adults enjoyed adult beverages and talked all afternoon. It was a beautiful day here in So Cal!!!!

Steve "Grandpa" with his little ones
Tallulah, Paige & Reagan
Molly, Tallulah and Daddy Sean
Aaron & his girls Paige and Reagan
GG bought these super cute pink dresses, Thank you GG!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We spent 6 day's in Puerto Vallarta with some of our dearest and oldest friends.
Stevie and Yvonne had been their last year and loved it, so this year he invited the gang to the "All inclusive" Resort.."Crown Paradise"
The weather was Hot!! and a bit humid, but we didn't mind in fact it was exactly what the doctor had ordered. Just look at the sun kissed kids in this picture!! We have been out of high school 35 years now and four of us go back to junior high together. We enjoyed drinking, swimming, eating, shopping and lots and lots of laughing and reminiscing.
Terri has got to be one of the funnies people I know, she is so much fun to be around. I would have to say she and Stevie could do "Stand up" comedy. We call Ken (Thurston) and Terri is (Trinky).
From the moment we picked up Deborah and Calvin it was a quest to get Deborah to have a very relaxing and peaceful "1st" vacation ever!! I couldn't believe it. But after the 1st Bloody Mary in the airport before our flight she was a bit more relaxed and raring to go..
She & Calvin were always decked out in the finest of resort wear, from their sunglasses to their sandals..You two always looked Hot!!
Stevie and Yvonne were so gracious to invite us up to their "Honeymoon" suite often during our stay, they had an enormous balcony and we all sat around just enjoying each others company, drinking, eating, more laughing and the boys even enjoyed cigars. Thank God for Yvonne when the beach/street vendors were amongst us because I had no restraint and she was awesome at just telling them no. She is the consummate "shopper" of the group, Yvonne can find you whatever you want for the best price out their. Thank you Yvonne for keeping me from spending all my money on the beach!!
The boy's went out on a chartered fishing trip, Stevie, Ken and Calvin all caught beautiful sailfish, and Steve caught our dinner, a Durado.
I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures I know mine are not the best however the trip was..
Steve & Me
Terri, Ken, Deborah, Calvin, Yvonne & Stevie

Reunion continued...

We have arrived!!!

Check-in at the "Crown Paradise Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico"

View from our room balcony.. we were on the ocean!

This picture is for our grand-daughters

They had a Disney show in town that evening and these Monster's Inc. characters were hitting the resorts for advertising purpose's

The only think they are missing is "BOO" the little girl that looks exactly like our Reagan!

Stevie & Yvonne

Just chillin upon check-in

Reunion continued...

1st night at dinner... doesn't Steve look great!! even Ken is admiring him.

Water aerobics time!!

Yvonne, me & Deborah during water aerobics

Our pool

we were in the water about 80% of the time. It was in the 90's

The Beach

I'm taking the picture from the end of the pool

See Steve and Calvin in the middle

Reunion continued..

Me & Steve Ken & Terri

Deborah & Calvin
The French Resturant, @ the Resort

Reunion continued..

Ken, Terri, Deb and Calvin in the French resturant we had dinner at.

I wanted you all to see the braiding of Calvins hair. He has really thick hair to his shoulders and it really looked amazing.

We are always excited to here Stevie sing. He just fit right in with the evenings entertainment, Listen to the boy's sing a Stevie Wonder song. I think it was dedicated to Calvin since he had a beach vendor do a "Bo Derek" on his head. The video might be a bit long, I always get carried away when I listen to Stevie, what can I say I'm such a fan.

The Boy's Fishing Trip

Stevie hooks up 1st to a 100# Sail Fish... Looks like WORK landing this thing!

Stevie's Sailfish WOW!!!

Ken's Sailfish, (Nice hat, Ken)

Calvin's turn

doesn't he look "Pro"

Puerto Vallarta, continued.....

Steve's catch..... I believe it's a Durado. His fish was the only one they kept and brought back so our chef could prepare it for us. The boy's had the resort prepare us fish taco's for lunch which we enjoyed on the deck balcony of Steve and Yvonne's suite. Then later for dinner they cooked the rest of it.

It was delicious!!

"Muscles" Steve loves muscles, I think he said they were the best he'd ever had.

The prepared Durado

So Yummy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico "Reunion"

One of our many wonderful dinners together, notice in the middle of the table is the fish Steve had caught that morning and prepared by the chef just for us. Now that's fresh!!

Terri getting her "Sexy Coffee" by our Mater Di, Pablo" I think their is six different kinds of liquor in this coffee, it really was Yummy!

Inside the church, it was massive and a bit goddy for me. The catholics like their gold

Calvin, Stevie, and Steve standing in front of an amazing very old church in downtown PV

The Party's Over!! Boo Hoo

Steve and Calvin just chillin at the Puerto Vallarta airport before we take off back to Los Angeles.

Molly has a Birthday "Twenty-something"

My sweet Molly had a birthday on June the 6th. The whole Ireland family celebrated at our favorite Chinese restaurant "Panda Palace" in the HB.