Friday, June 19, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We spent 6 day's in Puerto Vallarta with some of our dearest and oldest friends.
Stevie and Yvonne had been their last year and loved it, so this year he invited the gang to the "All inclusive" Resort.."Crown Paradise"
The weather was Hot!! and a bit humid, but we didn't mind in fact it was exactly what the doctor had ordered. Just look at the sun kissed kids in this picture!! We have been out of high school 35 years now and four of us go back to junior high together. We enjoyed drinking, swimming, eating, shopping and lots and lots of laughing and reminiscing.
Terri has got to be one of the funnies people I know, she is so much fun to be around. I would have to say she and Stevie could do "Stand up" comedy. We call Ken (Thurston) and Terri is (Trinky).
From the moment we picked up Deborah and Calvin it was a quest to get Deborah to have a very relaxing and peaceful "1st" vacation ever!! I couldn't believe it. But after the 1st Bloody Mary in the airport before our flight she was a bit more relaxed and raring to go..
She & Calvin were always decked out in the finest of resort wear, from their sunglasses to their sandals..You two always looked Hot!!
Stevie and Yvonne were so gracious to invite us up to their "Honeymoon" suite often during our stay, they had an enormous balcony and we all sat around just enjoying each others company, drinking, eating, more laughing and the boys even enjoyed cigars. Thank God for Yvonne when the beach/street vendors were amongst us because I had no restraint and she was awesome at just telling them no. She is the consummate "shopper" of the group, Yvonne can find you whatever you want for the best price out their. Thank you Yvonne for keeping me from spending all my money on the beach!!
The boy's went out on a chartered fishing trip, Stevie, Ken and Calvin all caught beautiful sailfish, and Steve caught our dinner, a Durado.
I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures I know mine are not the best however the trip was..
Steve & Me
Terri, Ken, Deborah, Calvin, Yvonne & Stevie

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