Sunday, May 17, 2009

Palm Springs

Steve and I were asked by Sean and Molly if we would like to go out to the desert and take care of Tallulah while they attended the wedding of Molly's close friend Lauren. Molly was in the wedding and the rehersal was Friday evening so we left Long Beach around noon on Friday afternoon. It was such a prevledge to get her for a whole weekend. Sean had rented the house of a friend and it was a beautiful 2 bedroom home on a golf course in Las Palmas Country Club. We took Tallulah for rides on the golf cart and let her play in the pool, it was 110 degrees that weekend. Sean played golf with friends on Saturday before the wedding and Molly was busy on Friday evening with the "rehersal dinner" and then on Saturday Molly was tending to the bride with all her preperations.

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