Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Britney Spears 04/19/09

Months ago the unanimous decision was made to go the "Britney Spears" concert so we took a census and Sarah organized our GNO (girls-nite-out) to "BS" (Britney Spears).. What a beautiful group of girls if I say so myself. We had eleven in the "Hummer" limo on the way to the concert and only lost one (Krista) on the way home, she met up with friends when we arrived and we didn't see her again all night. "Hope you had fun KiKi".

The Pussy Cat Dolls opened for Britney and I really enjoyed them too. The dancing is always of great interest to me and these girls know how to move and shake it!

Krista, Monica, Wendy, Allison, Sarah, Kimmy, Brenda, Mandy, Molly, Me and Laura

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