Friday, October 23, 2009

***Pa"s Pumpkin Patch 2009***

On Thursday evening the kids and grandkids all met at the "Pumpkin Patch" and took pictures and video's, watched the kids run around, ride the train and a Pink Elephant Reagan specifically told me "was not Dumbo". This was Tallulah's first real run-around at the patch... and boy do I mean Run-around!! She never stopped.. she was laughing and having the best time. I have two cute video's...
Reagan was the very adorable Tinker Bell and Paige was Nemo the cutest little clown fishy ever!! and Miss Tallulah was the ity bity Bee (T-Bee). Aunt Sarah with Tallulah
After the Patch we all went across the street to El Torito and have a yummy dinner
Molly & Paige
Paige loves her Aunt Molly, she had the coolest stuff to play with!!

The "Not" Dumbo ride
Sarah with TinkerBell Reagan
Cutest Fish out of water!!!!
Paiger Nemo
Let's go girls.... onto the next ride
Molly helps Tallulah off the train ride
Are my daughter-in-laws Beautiful of what!!!!

The Family
Sarah, Aaron, Reagan & Paige
In all our Glory!!!!
Me/Nani Steve/Grandpa
Tallulah aka: little Bee
Reagan aka: Tinker Bell
Paige aka: Nemo
Nani, Grandpa
Reag's and Paigie
Little Miss T-Bee
She loved running through the pumpkins
Grandpa, Nani & Tallulah Bee
What a sweet face!!!!!
Little T
All Aboard!!!!!!
T-Bee and mommy Molly
The Family
Molly, Sean & Tallulah

Saturday, October 17, 2009

***Tallulah ***

Little Miss Tallulah is a happy little girl now!!! she lets mommy and Nani know she's not to happy being forced to go into the water but she already rolls over and tries to keep herself afloat while hollering until someone hugs her up (that would be Miss Bree her swim instructor). I can't believe how strong she is.. watch the short video clips and see for yourself.... This is where I get dressed for swim...
I love to Swim!!!!!
The hanging spiders are for a Halloween theme

Liz & Jerry exchange vows...Oct 3rd 2009

On October 3rd, 2009 @ 4pm in the city of Westminster at the Elks Lodge a vow ceremony took place...our niece Rhea Elizabeth Ireland exchanged vows with Jerry Poucher.
Liz looked amazing in her long white strapless gown and gorgeous bouquet of white roses.
We couldn't be happier for her...Jerry is a wonderful young man and I know they'll be very happy together.

The Wedding Party
Mother & Father of the Bride
Teri & Robert Ireland
Thanks for another wild "Ireland" party.. it was a Blast!!!

Ireland/Poucher Wedding cont.....

Bob Ireland...father of the bride was the officiant for the wedding vows... I remember a short 33 years ago he married Steve and me.. My kids: Molly & Sean, Aaron & Sarah, & Marcus
The Family
Molly, Sean Aaron, Sarah Marcus
Me & Steve
All the cousins...

Bride Liz, Groom Jerry

Sean, Molly, Sally, Sarah "Jolly", Kevin, Marcus, Keith, Carmen, Sarah Beth, Sarah I, Aaron Brenda & Colby

Ireland/Poucher Wedding cont.....

Uncle Steve and Aunt Shirley here with the beautiful Bride our niece Rhea "Liz"
cousin Sarah, Liz, me and cousin Molly
Molly & Sean
Sarah & Kevin

Photo Booth

Rhea & Jerry had a "Photo Booth" at their wedding, it was a GREAT idea!!! everyone had so much fun trying on all the different props and taking their pictures with relatives and friends. One set of pictures went into a photo album for the Bride & Groom and another set for the guest. It was total fun! These are just a few from my camera but there were so many cameras that night I have a feeling a few others might have some good shots also. Sean, Molly, Sarah & Aaron
Steve, Bob, Teri & me
Steve & me
Aaron, Sarah, Brenda & Colby
Keith & Aaron

Wedding pics cont....

Marcus and Steve.....awh isn't this sweet..
Brenda & Colby

Aaron & Sarah

Molly & Sean
Steve & Me