Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Table

We dined outdoors this year.

The Family

All of us....

Syra our siberian husky even wanted to be a part of this very important picutre..

The Kids

All around the Fire Pit

Aaron, Reagan, Sarah, Marcus with Paige, Molly Sean and Tallulah.....

Family Pictures

Before dinner we decided to take our family pictures.

Steve and the "Bird"

Steve got busy early cleaning the outside so we could enjoy the outdoors without dirt and ash from the fires that we had a couple weeks ago. Then it was time to prep the bird!!

The Ireland's Thanksgiving

It was such a pleasure cooking in my new remodeled kitchen this year!! Our home was done early this year but this was our 1st Thanksgiving Feast. It was a Gorgeous Sunny California Day, we even ate outside. Everyone participated in the cooking. This year I made a Delicious Prime Rib and Steve made his traditional BBQ Turkey! Yum!!! Sean and Molly showed up early to help with the casseroles and I sipped wine and held the newest of our clan, little "T" (Tallulah).

Friday, November 7, 2008

GG was here for a visit

This past week "GG" (great-grandma) was with us, she arrived on Thursday the 30th and left the following Thursday. The whole Ireland family has been so sick with an upper GI virus, Reagan and Marcus started us off and it just funneled through our family like a tornado. Some had cough and sinus, others had four day fevers attached to Bronchitis or pneumonia. There is still a lot of coughing and headaches but I think were on the road to recovery. It's one thing when my big boys get sick but when the little ones (Reagan, Paige & Tallulah) are feeling bad it breaks my heart. Halloween was a fun night, GG walked the streets with us as the Girls collected candy from our neighbors.

Here are the most up to date pictures of a fun time with my mom "GG"