Sunday, October 26, 2008

Girls in Fur

Today I accidentally posted my communication to everyone on my daughter-in-laws blog so please check out Sarah Ireland's Blog for my latest pictures of "Girls in fur" and Paige at Swim lessons.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Paige is 6 months old now and what a sweet happy
baby she is. Here shes just chillin on my bed laughing
and enjoying the "Wiggles" on TV.

Here she enjoys the Rainforest Jumper Steve and I got for her. She says "Da Da" now but I'm working with her on Na Na Na "Nani" shes almost their. (ha ha ha) Shes alot of fun!

Bob & Teri Ireland came for a visit

Steve, Bob, Shirley, Rhea, Teri and Jerry.

We went out to brunch at this great Polynesian restaurant call "Kona" we had a wonderful buffet champagne brunch and watched a Polynesian dance show while we ate. It was just Jerry's 30th Birthday a couple days earlier so when they asked if anyone was having a birthday we had them take Jerry up on stage an show him how to dance Polynesian style. It was hysterical. Jerry was a great sport, and not a bad dancer either...

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Teri and Tallulah

Teri, you look 10 years younger!!!

A gentle moment between Reagan and Tallulah

Reagan loves her new little cousin Tallulah, she wants to hold her all the time. Reagan is at such a fun age (2 1/2) she has the biggest imagination and make believe world of any child I've known. These girls are always going to have fun playing together. I have a feeling Reagan will want to be in charge, ha ha ha

Tallulah takes a bath

This is one of the best pictures of "T" she is an absolute "Beauty"

Reagan starts Dance

1st dance lesson "ballet and tap" from Macy, she lives next door to our house. Here Reagan with her two friends Maisie and Couca (I'm sure the spelling is way off on those names) are having a fun time. Reagan loves to dance!

Grandpa "Pop Pop" Patrick Wallace

Sarah's dad Patrick was also here this weekend. He was in town for meetings. It is always great to spend time with him.

Patrick you look very tall!!!

Brothers with their baby girls

Aaron and Sean share a picture perfect moment with their beautiful daughters.

Tom, Linda, Sister Connie and Patrick came to visit.

Tom, Sean, Tallulah, Molly, Connie, Patrick and Linda

Molly's parents came down for a visit this weekend and oldest sister Connie with her youngest son Patrick. We all had a fun time at the pumpkin patch. It was the perfect hot and sunny California day.

Pumpkin Patch 10/18/08

Paige was the cutiest pumpkin in the patch.

Me, with Snow White

The Pumpkin Patch

Steve and I went to the pumpkin patch Sunday. Here with our three with Tallulah and Steve has Paige and Reagan (aka, Snow White)