Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy "1st" Birthday Tallulah Day Ireland

Sean... your home looks amazing!! Nice job on all your vision in the landscaping department, you really have a green thumb.

The Birthday Cake

Every single thing except the shovel and bucket handle was edible

Tallulah's "Smasher" cake was the beach ball

Happy "1st" Birthday Tallulah Day

What!! is this....?? Her 1st SUGAR experience!!

Getting into it now...


Sticky, gooey, sugary, and oh so good!!!


Tallulah turns "1"

Time for the 'Cake

Tara & Lia

Aaron, Brooke and 5 week old Mick

Great Aunt Teri with Bailey and Reagan
I think shes trying to sneak a treat!!

Tallulah turns "1"

Great Job!!!! Bailey and Reag's
the finished result on their cookies

A backyard glimpse... Sean had just finished the deck a week ago. Great job Sean!!!

Tara, Molly and Lexi .... They added beauty to the Party...

Paige & Lucas
cousins enjoying the cookie decorating together

Tallulah Day Ireland the Big #1

The cookies were "delicious" Paige enjoyed them..

Brenda and Raif.... and in the background on the left is Grandpa Tom the party videographer, can't wait to see it Tom!!

Reagan and Bailey at the "Cookie Station"

Sean...she's "1" not "21".. Shame on Daddy!!

This is Tallulah's Birthday gift from Nani and Grandpa... The Sandbox

Reagan is ready for Pre-School!!

Look at me .... GG don't I look Smart!!!! I think Reagan is going to love Pre-school, she is ready!!
This video is at the end of the school day.. I couldn't resist. Paigie gets very involved. Watch and see. I laugh everytime I watch it..

School day cont...

Making Play-dough with my new classmates...

Little "Sissy" Paige got in on the fun designing phase..

Beautiful mommy and her girls....

Reagan is a very good "listener"

Reagan starts Pre-school Sept.14,2009

Can you believe it..... Life really does come full circle...Reagan is now going to pre-school where her daddy did 27+ years ago, Lakewood Christian Schools aka 1st Baptist church of Lakewood...pre-school... A couple of Aaron's teachers are still at the school. Wow was it weird to walk back in with the next generation holding onto my hand.. Wonderful & Weird!!

Paige even had a wonderful time @ school and fit right in I might add!!

The 1st day was a short day and siblings and parents stayed with them.

Tallulah starts "Nova" Swim School

Miss Tallulah had a big day, she is in the same swim school (different location) as her cousins Paige and Reagan.. She did super!! Tallulah is a very very strong little girl, when she wraps her legs around you it's hard to get them undone. She's my little Kaela Bear.

This has been one of the biggest months to Tallulah, she started walking, started swim lessions and had a huge 1st Birthday party all packed into September 2009..

Tallulah starts Walking

Tallulah has started walking, she is so strong, and so adourable!! check out the video clip.

Tallulah has started to "Walk"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday 090109....The Road to Hana

Steve and I did the drive to Hana today and stopped at one of our favorite restaurants for an early dinner, Mama's Fish House in Pa'ia. The best maitais we've ever had, amazing papaya & sirloin appetizer, a lobster guacamole...yummy, and then I had a macadamia nut crusted, crab-stuffed, lobster-topped mahimahi. The food, the wait staff, the ambiance, the beachfront location, everything was perfect....especially the company of my amazing and wonderful husband (who thought the moist towels were for bathing in the restaurant).

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